Theres always room for improvement in music

guitar-1139397__180Songwriting has been very inspirational to me for many years. Although I have not made much money from it, I have still enjoyed all of the time and effort that I have put into it. When first starting out, you want to take your time and really digest all that you are learning. Use the public library and other such sources to teach yourself. This is what I did and it paid off for me because I never gave up. If you don’t have a title for your song, don’t worry, you can always add one later. However, the title should be in the song and shorter titles work better because they can be written down quicker and easier  for say a DJ while logging the songs they are playing on the air. Shorter titles are also easier to remember. Choose a subject to write about that really holds your it becomes like writing a short story. Start off by writing VERSES. You need to develop a rhyming pattern for the lyrics (words) such as  ABCB or ABBA. In the first pattern, the first line of the first verse would end with what we will say the word “LOVE” – then the second line of the first verse would end with the word “JOY” – while the third line of the first verse would end with the word “NEED” and the fourth and last line of the first verse would end with the word “BOY” – thus the pattern ABCB. dan-maxwell-889082__180Then you need a CHORUS. This is usually around 4 lines as well and also usually contains the title of the song.You should develop a rhyming pattern for the chorus as well.  Sometimes the song will begin with a VERSE. Other times the song may begin and end  on the CHORUS. Although at first this can seem a little frustrating, never give up. Remember hard work, patience and dedication will will always pay off and can be very lucrative in the music industry. dog-1240645__180In the middle of the song, there is often a little instrumental part better known as  a TURNAROUND. A  typical song would have 1. The INTRO – which could be either instrumental or sung – 2. Either the VERSE or the CHORUS to begin on – 3. The TURNAROUND – 4. Usually the rest of the VERSES leading back to the CHORUS and the ending. Sometimes the song will end on a note, and sometimes on a fade.   Next, I will be discussing the SINGING Industry and will be going back and forth between the two areas of songwriting and singing.  Thanks  for stopping by. Hope to see you again.  Mark

girl-15754_960_720Okay now we explore the wonderful world of SINGING. Singing is also a very enjoyable talent/profession and can also be very lucrative in the music industry. I myself was never really satisfied that I was a good enough singer so I never really pursued that field. I am much better in songwriting. If you are not satisfied that you are good enough in an area, then you are highly unlikely to succeed. There are several ways to become a great singer. You can get discovered at talent shows. You can sing at karaoke and get discovered. You can audition for a record company or for a record producer. Whatever route you take, this area is always in high demand. Just try and imagine the world without MUSIC. There is so much money to be made in the recording Industry. Some singers get discovered at a really young age, sometimes singing in a choir. Another great way to get some experience in this field is through being in a school band – taking up a musical instrument or even being in a parade and playing an instrument.  Some recording artists are also known as singer/songwriters. Some are producers as well. A few examples are Stevie Wonder and Ashford & Simpson. Such of which are multiply talented. Some great singers just record demos. Some are solo and some are in a group or a band such as the Eagles.   Some singers are in bands or groups and then decide to go out on their own for a solo singing career and vice versa. Sometimes a member of a band or group will pass on or leave the band or group and that opens up an opportunity for others as that band or group will need to find a replacement. Singers bands and groups often perform at concerts, charity events and so-forth. audience-868074__180Singers bands and groups also travel a lot of  other places and to other countries to perform their songs. Very often concerts are sold out from these great performers. Music has really changed over the years and will continue to do so. If you listen to a song from the roaring 1920’s, and then listen to a song from the 1960’s – you will see and be able to hear what I am talking about. singers-843199__180Then, listen to a song from the 1960’s, and then another from the 1980’s and so on. Music is always changing. You would never hear a rap song in the 1920’s. Interested in rap?  In the 1950’s 78 rpm records were out. There would also be reel to reel recordings,  33 1/3 rpm records, 45 rpm records, 8 track cartridges, cassettes and now as of 2016 there are even CD’s (COMPACT DISC’S). Back in the day when I was growing up in the 1980’s – no one had a computer, laptop or a cell phone. Pagers were around, though. This just goes to show how far  we have come along in the music world. Some singers will sing what is called a DUET. This is where two singers sing together, often as male/female. There are sometimes also musicians hired to play for singers and groups where  some are backup singers and some don’t even sing at all.score-814344__180 When writing your songs, and you are finished and are satisfied with them-you first need to  get a lead sheet with the words and the music on it. I’ll explain why very shortly. record-159211__180Then get a “DEMO” (Demonstration Recording) made up for your song(s). You can do this several ways. If you are talented and can play a musical instrument, you can make the demo and record it yourself. If you are not, do not worry. There are plenty of demo companies out there where you can get a demo made up for a price. Of course, this is assuming you have written both the words and the music. If you have just the words or just the music, that is not a problem either. You just need to find a collaborator. If you cannot read or write  music and you know what the song sounds like and how the song goes, you can sing it and make a recording and get a reputable music company to write a lead sheet of your song for you for a price. That way you can state  and prove that  you wrote both the words and the music and you will be listed on the lead sheet as such.  When it is all complete, make sure it passes the most important test of all – the EAR test. Listen to the song several times and more if needed. Be completely honest with yourself. See if you really like the song. And make sure you copyright the song. There is a copyright method called “poor mans copyright” where you mail yourself a copy of the song by certified mail and then retain it and make sue you never open it. Or, you can get copyright forms from the copyright office in Washington, D.C. and for a fee per song, the copyright office will copyright the song(s) for you. You will need to submit a separate copyright form for each song that you wish to copyright. Of course, this method costs more – and although “poor mans copyright”  works and is acceptable, the copyright office method is also clearly the better and proper method. Don’t be afraid to get second opinions about your song(s) from people such as co-workers, friends and family. People will be completely honest with you. And you will be able to tell rather or not your songs are popular with them by their reactions. Maybe your  song(s) will make people want to dance. ballet-359982__180Maybe people will ask you to play the songs for them again, or they may even ask you for a copy of your song(s). You also want to become a member of a performing rights organization such as ASCAP or B.M.I. I’ve personally been a member of both of these (although there are more such as SOCAN of Canada) and I am still with B.M.I. This will make sure you get paid royalties for any performance/airplay your song(s) may receive for being played on the air. A music publisher will pay you royalties for sales from things like recordings and sheet music which is separate. piano-lesson-422832_960_720    SOME STREET MUSICIANS  BECOME FAMOUS –  Sometimes people may become famous by playing music on the streets.  This has happened with such artists as Tracy Chapman, Jewel, B.B.KING and even Rod Stewart to name a few. You can go onto the streets on New York City and nearly always see someone performing and playing a musical instrument with an audience rather large or small and  a can, hat, open guitar case  or such  set up where people can  put money into it. Street musicians have been around for many many years. Street musicians will often “seed” their money item with a few dollars, a few coins or even 5 or 10 dollar bills.  This technique will often assist the musician in getting tips and even actually getting MORE tips and thus, more money.  © Copyright 2009 Corbis CorporationThe amount of money the street musician actually makes varies and depends on their location, their performance, the audience around them the particular day or night and TIMING. There are certainly some good days and nights, some bad days and nights, some better days and nights and some worse.  For anyone wanting to start off in this field,  a  street musician should always have a smile and a positive attitude. Now matter what kind of day or night you may be having, always take it in stride. This goes along way in the long run. People will remember you and  the type of person you are. This can result in people looking for you the next time you are around. More exposure. Always work and strive toward becoming BETTER – no matter how good or famous you may think that you are. If you feel that you are on top of the world, things are going really great for you, you are making plenty of money, you should still ALWAYS work towards becoming BETTER than you already may be. You could be ridin’ high in April and shot down in May if you drop the ball at any given time. Just remember to always remain focused in your area/talent.   Another good thing to do is always PRACTICE. You can do this at night when you are home alone and have the time around your schedule. Make sure you are not in any way stressed, that you are relaxed and that you have no noise around to distract you. This way you are always fresh and out of the gate when you perform next. If you are singing, always give it all you got. Make sure you exercise proper breathing techniques. Of course, you should never smoke. If you are playing a musical instrument, really play your heart out.musician-977942__180 Pretend like you are auditioning for a last spot and this is your very last chance to impress. You never know when you may become discovered and become a professional recording artist or a major label record group or band. Always remember hard work and dedication will always pay off. So keep your head high.   Now back to songwriting  –You also want to start shopping your songs to attempt to get them published and recorded. If you live in a big city such as NYC, NASHVILLE or LA, you can make an appointment to take your song material to a music publisher in them areas to get them looked at and possibly be offered a contract for them to be published and recorded. Just make sure the music publisher accepts UNSOLICITED material. Some of them don’t and won’t. If you don’t live in them areas again, no problem. You can send your songs to music publishers that will accept them. Always make sure you include a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) with sufficent postage attached so you can get your song material back should a music publisher reject it. postman-151706__180You will have some rejections and that is certainly nothing to worry about. Just like when a guy gets rejected by a woman, that guy eventually finds another. For names and addresses of honest and reputable music publishers, I recommend the book “SONGWRITER’S MARKET”.  You should be able to get this book by going to google and typing it in.  SONGWRITER’S MARKET  only lists  legitimate,  honest and reputable music publishers. This is what you want to deal with. ALL LEGITIMATE,  HONEST AND REPUTABLE MUSIC PUBLISHERS. If a music publisher ever asks you for money to listen to your song(s) (and some will) NEVER pay it. A legitimate music publisher will listen to your songs for free. Some may ask you for money to return your songs to you. AGAIN, never pay a music publisher a penny. Any money the music publisher may make off of you will come out of future royalties, if there are any. If you are ever offered a contract, make sure you read it over and understand it completely before signing it. 4436440717_2d3e101696_z  There may be times when you sign a contract and your song never gets published from the music publisher you signed it over to. Or it may, and only get recorded on Independent record labels instead of major record labels. This can sometimes work in your favor as these songs can often be recorded on major record labels later on. And if your songs do not get published and recorded and you get them back, work on them and re-submit them to diffrent music publishers. Sending out the same songs to around 4 or 5 different music publishers at a time should be idea. Also TIMING can be a big part of success in that field. Of course, you will have your good days and you will have your worse days. As long as you stay focused and beleive in yourself and never give up, you will succeed. With your mind and your imagination, you already have all of the right tools that you will ever need. This will all stay with you for a lifetime. Enjoy it while you can. Life is too short and time really flies.  Now, I am going to discuss a little of music writing.Although this is more for the advanced, the beginner can still learn from this. When writing music, writers use a blank lead sheet , blank sheet music or staff paper.  Staffs are a group of 5 horizontal lines  and 4 spaces together. The most common used G clef is placed at the beginning . clef-154541__180 Perhaps along with the bass clef on the bottom. The music will also have a KEY signature.  music-staff-key-e-written-blackboard-58490371Some major keys are C which has no sharps or flats,  G which has one sharp,  D which has 2 sharps, A which has 3 sharps, E which has 4 sharps, F which has 1 flat, Bb which has 2 flats,  Ab which has 4 flats and Eb which has 3 flats. Famous songs are also written in MINOR keys as well. There are also ACCIDENTALS or NATURALS that are often used in writing music. 14577250300_c6a4b92841_n An ACCIDENTAL is the note of a pitch that is not a part of the scale or mode indicated by the most recent key signature that was applied. A NATURAL is simply an ACCIDENTAL that cancels previous accidentals and acts like the unaltered note pitch. Any note that is neither flat, double flat, sharp nor double sharp is known as a NATURAL. You will also see sharps or flats or accidentals or naturals in written music also. You should be able to tell what key your song is in by playing it. Otis Redding’s song “Dock of the bay” which Otis co-wrote is written in the key of F MAJOR.  The key that the song is written in is placed in the beginning, after the G clef or other clef. There is also a TIME signature which has to do with the tempo of the music. depositphotos_2511376-Old-music-note-sheetThis shows on top what kind of notes get a beat, and on the bottom the number of beats per measure.  At times this will be written differently, such as the C shown at the beginning which is the same time signature known as common time where there are 4 beats to a measure and every quarter note gets a beat. A measure or BAR is a segment of time written in music. Some popular time signatures are 4/4 (common time) where there are 4 beats per measure and every quarter note gets a beat – 2/2 (cut time) where there are 2 beats per measure and every half note gets a beat – and 3/4 where there are 3 beats per measure and every quarter note gets a beat. music-104604__180  There are also RESTS. depositphotos_8987309-Icon-set-of-musical-notes.-vector-illustration Just like notes, rests have the same value. A quarter rest, a half rest, a whole rest, etc. Rests are used to pause or stop the music when needed. Thus, notes and rests work together in music and are very beneficial to the writers. In a piano vocal arrangement, there are  2 or 3 staffs grouped together with g clef and bass clef. There are also dynamics (sound). These quotations indicate the sound of the music/song. An arrow tip like symbol going forward indicates a fade and the reverse indicates becoming louder. HNCK0537 jimi-881410__180  In mid August of 1969, there was a HUGE musical fair/festival known as WOODSTOCK with an audience of around 400 000 people that lasted for 3 days. Such great performers as the late great Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplan, Sly and the family stone, The Who, The Greatful dead and Richie Havens made it to the event. It was certainly an era full of hippies and this event saw lots and lots of drugs by performers and the audience as well. The tickets went for $6.00 and the whole 3 day festival tickets cost $18.00 and there were no refunds. A lot of people to this very day, still remember WOODSTOCK. Singers, often referred to as recording artists and also groups and bands have a very busy lifestyle. Unfortunately, many get into the bad habit of using drugs. These drugs often lead to their demise. Suicide also sometimes plays a role.
2185182902_d193d280b5  The late great major recording artist Phyllis Hyman met her fate by such on June 30 of 1995 in New York City, N.Y. Phyllis also left a suicide note. Just a week before she would turn 46, Phyllis left us at the early age of only 45. Recording artists, groups and musicians often think that drugs make them perform better. This is kind of like an olympian or a professional wrestler or other athlete on steroids. The bare truth is drugs do NOT make them perform better. They perform great because they acquire a God given talent and utilize it. Drugs actually hurt them in the long run, more than help them. For famous recording artists, groups and bands, life is not always a bowl of cherries. 3759982740_4eedd0def1_n Some struggle to find employment. They also travel a lot. We all have problems no matter who we are, or how ever rich or famous we may be. The recording artists, groups and bands must always focus and devote their time to their profession. This means putting all their personal problems aside to deal with the best that they can and while they can so they can always be fresh for their profession. Recording artists, groups and bands have engineers to work with them.  They often must rehearse so that recording artists and singing groups can get the song right and musicians can get the music right. 12058923844_74454aba33_cSome recording artists lip sync and get caught doing so. There are times when you can go to the subway station underground in NYC and see musicians playing music like I did. These musicians more than likely are playing music to be noticed, discovered and for exposure. This is another example of a great tool that they utilize. Music and singing has really changed over the years and will continue to do so.  SONGWRITING TIPS: Idea’s for a song can sometimes come to you in your sleep or in the shower. If they come to you in your sleep – as they have in my very own personal experience, the complete song (words and music) are often  there in your mind when you awake, just as if the song has already been created. What a beautiful experience. It is very important to copy down as much of the song as you possibly can and as fast as you can (words and music either on paper or on tape). You can always worry about the title later if you don’t already have it, in case of forgetting. Sometimes you may forget the lyrics. Sometimes you may forget the melody or worse, both. If you forget one or the other, the other may come back to you later on. Or the same may be true if you forget both. Songwriting has been around for many many years and will always be around. Just like poetry, except with added music. You can get idea’s for writing songs from your very own personal experiences. They could come to you from a memory, sad or pleasant. Songs should always have a great hook which is a section of the song that attracts the listener. A word of advice. Be very careful if you come up with a song in your head that is pretty much similar to a song already out that you’ve heard before. You could be slapped with copyright infringement/lawsuit very easily. If you do ever come up with such a song, don’t just get rid of it and throw it away. Keep the song and re-work it to make it better. writing-789835__180  Change the words and the music if needed. If the title is the same as a song you’ve heard before, that is not a problem. There are plenty of songs out there that have the same title. As long as you can rhyme – make a verse and a chorus rhyme, you should be just fine. You also need to make sure the music rhymes. In a manner in which the music sounds the same or very similar on the verses and the chorus. Make sure your song has a great beat that people can dance to. If you are writing a country song,  picture in your mind – people dancing a country dance to a country song  (YOURS) and go from there. Always believe in your mind that your songs are the very best and that they are better than everyone else’s songs. Even if they have not gone anywhere yet. Just always strive to make your songs better if needed. And keep in mind that sooner or later, copyrights expire. Works not protected under copyright are known as being in the public domain. If anyone can find such work in the public domain, they are free to use it as they see fit.banner-1103701_960_720 This is another valuable tip on finding ideas for writing songs. There are lots and lots of songs in the public domain that are available for use by the public. This could be due to such things as non renewal, etc. Be sure and use this valuable tool. A singer is also known as a music artist or a recording artist. Paul McCartney ($660 million) and Celine Dion ($630 million) are among the wealthiest recording artists. One can often walk the streets of Nashville, Tn. and see music producers and the like out there. Some may offer to make you a singing star, no matter how bad your voice may be. I personally would avoid such scenarios as this. If you have a great voice speaking, then you are a prime candidate to become a great singer.Each singer has their own individual parts, (lead, bass, etc.) such as in the song “On the hotline” by PRETTY RICKY. Some sing acapella which is basically vocals with no musical instruments. Not really my thing, however a lot of people enjoy that singing style. Singers and recording artists work closely with record producers to ensure that their vocals match up to the musical instruments in the song(s),  a  very important step for musical success. If you are really financially strapped, you can start your very own record label. This will make getting a record deal much easier. PROS (Performing Rights Organizations) pay royalties to recording artists just like they pay to songwriters. Recording artists get paid from performances such as jingles, on camera performances, etc. Also the location of the performances (radio, tv, commercials, etc.) come into play. It is known that Independent recording artists get little or no royalties. I also know the same is true for writers who have their songs published, recorded on Independent record labels and played on the air such as with me. radio-673650_960_720

Singers can contact a music publisher that published a song if they want to re-record a song and ask permission to do so. I personally did this many years ago when I was also going to pursue that field. The music publisher will usually either say yes or no. If they say yes (as they did with me) they will want to know certain information such as what record label the song will be re-recorded on, how many copies the recording artist plans on making, etc. Many songs have been re-recorded this way, the same song recorded by several different artists. Sometimes you may like a song recorded by the first artist, and then not like the version recorded by the next artist and so on or vice-versa. Maybe you would not even like the song at all anyway its recorded. Or maybe you just will like the song every way its been recorded. Some singers/groups and bands have gold albums, platinum albums and because of the continuing and growing music industry and ongoing newly discovered talent, there will always be someone to come along and break a record. record-store-925553_960_720Everyone that is able to speak can sing. It’s just that some have a really great golden voice and others don’t. Some singers obtain a great voice through much practice and by never giving up. Everyone has their very own particular music style, although many enjoy a variety of music. Some singers take singing lessons. Some purchase a product to help them along. Whatever route you decide to take (and make sure it’s the right route) stick with it. It will eventually pay off. 

Life is too short and time really flies so write as many songs as you can and while you can. Song ideas can come to you at any place and at any time. I can’t stress enough, the importance of having a pen or pencil and paper with you pretty much all of the time (at home, work, Doctors office, etc.) unless you have a memory like an elephant.     If you don’t have a piece of paper or can’t find something suitable, the inside of your palm(s) will be fine for writing short info and can be copied and washed off later assuming its a pen that you have with you.  There could be a song that came up in your mind that you really love, maybe you think it is the very best song that you’ve ever written. If it’s there in your mind one minute and gone the next, and you just can’t for the sake of you remember how the song went, that can be a real slap in the face

Studio portrait of middle-aged man with head in hands

and can certainly come back to haunt you later. And as I stated previously, if you don’t have or remember a title, don’t worry about that. You can always find the title later. That is easy. A song is like a story, with words speaking out to the listener. Sometimes a song is written in a certain key and will change keys from minor to major. If you do this, it should not be overused. And you want to climb UP, not down. Climbing down can also pull your song(s) down. Songs also change time signatures. A song with a good example of this is “we can work it out” by the Beatles. Stevie wonder’s version (Stevie recorded that song as well) is different from the Beatles version. This classic song is written by the late great John Lennon and Paul McCartney and is composed in the key of D Major. “Money” by Pink Floyd is another song that changes time signatures as well as “Woman” by the late great John Lennon who was murdered.  Songs should not be too short or too long. A song with around 3 verses and the chorus should be idea. I avoid long songs such as “Hey Jude” by the Beatles which seems to never end. Although music has really changed over the years and will continue to do so, a shorter song can be re-mixed and lengthened by an engineer. I never explored in my career or surprisingly to me, never even really though of writing a jingle. This area is much quicker and easier because of course a jingle is much shorter than a regular song. All you need is the right exposure. And although one can often find people who will write and record a jingle for you from sites such as fiverr, etc. I would totally avoid that at all cost, you want to write your very own jingles, should you decide to pursue that – of course you could also write both jingles AND songs. Writing your very own works makes you proud, knowing that these works are works that you accomplished on your very own with no help, and of course I am not necessarily talking about collaboration here. Be very careful not to copy other writers works. Writing jingles can be very fun and also lucrative as well. Jingles are cost effective and are easy to remember.     ONE MAN BANDS. Some famous one man bands have been Phil Collins (Formally of the group Genesis) – Lindsay Buckingham, Todd Rundgren, Steve Winwood and even Paul McCartney as well as Bloodshot Bill, Reverend Deadeye  and Lone Wolf. wolf-697736_960_720A one man band is a music entertainer who plays several musical instruments at the same time. There are also ONE WOMAN bands. These women often use what are called LOOP STATIONS or LOOP MACHINES. A LOOP STATION is a device for singers and or musicians to use when they want to create multiple voices and or musical instruments / sounds. The finished effect is really awesome. This is an idea device for recording a demo as well. Usually drum patterns are included with loop stations. It is really amazing how far we have come today with inventions.  These women are so talented and creative. You can see them in action. All you have to do is google “ONE WOMAN BANDS” and you will see what I am talking about. Often times it makes more sense to use a one man or a one woman band. This eliminates the need for additional players/singers as well.   One can often find one man band kits for sale. So that is certainly one option to consider also. Some famous black country & western singers are Charlie Pride, Darius Rucker and Cleve Francis. Some famous white rap singers include vanilla ice (aka Robert Matthew Vanwinkle), 4617601587_50b9d6e7aeEminem (aka Marshall Bruce Mathers 111)  Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis and Logic. If you want to become a singer for a certain music style and you are worried about the color of your skin along with the style of music you may want to pursue, don’t fret.  There are a variety of music instruments today for musicians to play. Some very interesting instruments are the double neck guitar and the pedal steel guitar. 2321197915_027efd0240The double neck guitar or multi neck guitar are are made in both electric and acoustic styles. A musician playing a double neck guitar is like like a musician switching to and playing two guitars, only much faster and easier. A pedal steel guitar is set on a stand with legs and is basically used in country music where the musician sits down and plays the instrument. 2445303297_57cfc36c00_m The sound is really great. One can actually find a double neck pedal steel guitar also. 4226412771_f9e14fcb9d DEAD SINGERS STILL EARNING MONEY. Singer Michael Jackson is still earning very large amounts of money even after his death, as well as Elvis Presley and Bob Marley. 406829641_876922b49f Dead singers/musicians works are often listened to on a continuing basis, long after their deaths. That will never change. Singers and musicians often advertise on places like craigs list for their services, to find collaborators, etc. Just like people also advertise when they are looking for services such as seeking dance bands, keyboard player needed, lead vocalist needed, etc. People also advertise to teach guitar lessons. This technique can work very well and become lucrative. Especially when you add an attention grabber  such as FIRST LESSON FREE. There are also  supporting programs and non profit organizations to promote music education. I certainly applaud and appraise the most gifted and talented dancing singers such as Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, and  98963555_2c9f22c673_mJames Brown to name a few. That talent certainly adds to their success. Often times you may have great lyrics for a song and not be able to come up with the right music or vice-versa. This is where collaborators can come into play. A collaborator can work with you to put a great tune to your words or great words to the tune that you just composed. Or you may just want to leave the tune as is for a great sounding instrumental. Either way, it’s a really great musical education as well as a really awesome  experience. One can often get ideas for a really great song by listening to other songs that are really great in your opinion.  Now this can be a cloudy area, I am in no way shape or form hinting around that you can or should copy other songs. © Copyright 2013 CorbisCorporationYou want to stay AWAY from that. I am talking about IDEA’S for songs such as love songs, etc. Let your imagination run wild. Think about that one person that you really love. You could secretly be writing that one song just for them. Imagine a huge audience going wild as the finished song which is now a smash hit is being played. Work the song over and over until you are completely satisfied that the song is really superb. Get opinions of the song. Don’t be afraid of critic. Some writers are so talented that they can write a song in a very short time. I have done that. Other times songs took me days, weeks and even months to complete. Work at your own comfortable pace. You may even decide to change the song around later. Make sure you do that before copyright. GAY LIFESTYLES OF SINGERS – Quite a few singers are gay.  Some are Bi-Sexual. I personally do not roll this way, I believe everyone should go along as they  were born to be, man or woman. However, the growing number of gay and Bi-Sexual singers are on the rise and will continue to be as new singers are established. Lets start with Prince Rogers Nelson who died in April of 2016. Anyone can see Prince was clearly gay or at least Bi-Sexual, even though Prince would not admit it. Teddy Pendergrass had a secret life and was with a transgender when he had an automobile accident and became paralyzed for life in 1982. There are or were other gay singers as well such as David Bowie (David Robert Jones) died in January of 2016, The village people, George Michael, Elton John, Joan Jet, Freddie Mercury and Justin Timberlake to name a few. The  late great Nick Ashford of the great singing / songwriting duo Ashford & Simpson was Bi-Sexual. Nick died on August 22, of 2011 from throat cancer. Nick was homeless for a few months and slept on benches. file000575085718  Being homeless is no joke. I know, I’ve been there several times myself. No one should ever have to be homeless.   Kelly Clarkson was also homeless as well as Jennifer Lopez, Lil Kim, the late great Kurt Cobain, The late great Jim Morrison and Carmen Electra to name a few. Being gay or Bi-Sexual often hurts a singers career. This is because sometimes when the public finds out about a singers sexual preference, they stop buying their records, etc. and move on to a straight singer. Like I just mentioned, this is SOMETIMES. This would certainly not be the case for a fan of the public who  is gay or Bi-Sexual. Some singers are in the closet, some come out-such as Elton John.  FAME FOR BACKUP SINGERS – Sometimes backup singers go out on their own and become famous. Singers such as Luther Vandross, Sheryl Crow, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Phil Collins have done so. Singers are both young and older. Marie Osmond was only 14 when she had the number one country hit “Paper Roses”. Tonya Tucker was also 14 years old with a number one hit. Chuck Berry, who was born in 1926 is one of the oldest singers that are still performing alive at this time. I know there are others. FOOD FOR THOUGHT – Singers need to adhere to a sensible diet, water, salads, fruit, chicken & fish for example. This diet is very good for helping singers as long as it is not overused. SINGERS DOWNTIME – Singers do a variety of things in their spare time . For example, Bob Dylan likes painting. Madonna enjoys reading & watching films. The late great Barry white enjoyed playing video games, fishing, staying home and taking care of his dogs, A lot of recordings by singers are COMPED. This action is when the engineer or producer goes through various vocal tracks, picks the best ones and then puts them together onto a master track. Most listeners are unaware of this action. This technique has been around for quite some time. Stay tuned. Okay, another great way to think of a song to write is to think of someone you used to be  with and had  really great, awesome times with.  blonde-girl-miniskirt-65115 Find  yourself a nice quite place to think and just think back to all the great times you had with that person. This gives you ideas for a song and can be highly rewarding. This is definitely a very useful technique. As for the melody, you can strum along on a guitar, or poke around on a keyboard until you find a suitable melody that you like, and the rest of and eventually the complete melody should fall into play. Even if you cannot play a musical instrument or do not have one, just humming along can also help you. Then it’s just a matter of singing the complete song and recording it onto something like a cassette, and getting a demo made up of it. eighties-kid-20872543Of course, if you are more advanced you can make your very own demo. Keep in mind you will also need a leadsheet for copyright purposes. Writing a song that turns into a successful smash hit can go a long way financially. Consider when the song first gets recorded by the first artist and don’t forget, there is always the possibility that other artists may record the song also, somewhere down the road. That adds up to even more exposure and more money.  money-american-bills-hundred-dollar-31761815 Remember, a great song always needs to have a great HOOK to revert back to. A “hook” is something designed to grab peoples attention and catch the listeners ears. Remember, a song is like a memory which can be a good memory, a bad memory or even a sad memory. The song(s) will play and be heard and remind the listener of times when the certain song was out and was being heard. One can actually play a song in their mind if they desire to do so. I have done this many many times and I continue to do so to this very day. This technique with tools can certainly have its advantages. You are not disturbing other people. If certain drivers would do this, there would be a lot less complaints to the police about loud music being played out of vehicles. No one has to know that you are listening to music. Once you know a song, you certainly have all the tools to do this. This is a really amazing experience. happy-woman-drinking-water-glass-outdoor-healthy-fresh-green-background-42150243 Just like when someone is thinking about something. Someone could be looking at you and you may not know that they are thinking bad about you if they do not show it. The difference with the songs “STORED IN THE MEMORY” is you may forget some songs if you have many, like me. Compare that to a stack of your favorite cds and you will see what I mean. You could even know the name of a song and forget how the song goes in your mind. The advantage of having recordings of course, is the ability to find the title of the song and play the song to hear how the song goes once again and over and over as needed. Just imagine if music no longer existed.  no-dj-zone-warning-sign-5030504It would be okay for everyone that came into the world after that. You cannot miss what you never heard. Some singers (like athletes and others) earn a lot of money and go through a lot of money and some end up broke with no money. Just like Frank Sinatra sang in “THAT’S LIFE”   458947997“You’re riding high in April, Shot down in May”. Some singers that have gone through this include such names as MC Hammer, Billy Joel, Meatloaf, Marvin Gaye, Willie Nelson, and Toni Braxton to name a few. Also, one of the Supremes singers (Florence Ballard)  FLORENCEBALLARDalso struggled with poverty and had even applied for welfare before dying from a heart attack in 1976 at the young age of only 32. These singers and musicians, etc. must prepare themselves for instances like this and pretend as if it has already happened. This way, they can put money away. This is not always accomplished, and because of that it is often the celebrities very own fault. Back to performing, singer T.S.MONK, the son of jazz pianist THELONIOUS MONK , formed his very own band which featured T.S.MONK himself on drums while occasionally singing lead vocals. ABUSE: Singers and performers often go through some sort of abuse. 15-5 Tina Turner, Mary J. Blige, Tammy Wynette and Whitney Houston to name a few. Sometimes they have to cancel/postpone their appearances. Such as was the case with  rihannaRIHANNA as well as of course, CHRIS BROWN  01when CHRIS BROWN assaulted RIHANNA in 2009 and was later out on bail. Now, I myself am not a saint, it just shows the real power of money and fame here. And although I am a guy, I have for the longest time taken the side of a woman over a man in a domestic situation because so very many women are are abused and driven over the edge by their boyfriends, husbands or significant others and then ultimately pay the price for being driven over the edge. Not to mention what they go through in the justice system. YES, singing is a gift. Some are naturally born with it, some are not and have to work very hard at it in order to achieve it. And some of us are just not meant to be singers. Nonetheless, believe it or not – some of these individuals still make it out into this world to torture us as really, horrible singers. I am talking about such singers as tumblr_m7dznqtca01r0wf9bo1_500-1_zpsed973da3 Justin Beiber, Cee Lo Green, Buddy Holly, Yoko Ono, Marilyn Manson, Elvis Presley,  tyga Tyga, Miley Cyrus, Lil’ Wayne, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and Soulja Boy Tellem l_b271df00bab648ff9942f0d9d72640be to name a few. Of couse, I’m sure there are many people out there that would disagree with me on some of these singers. What I can say is google around and do your very own research on some of the very worst singers ever. And this just goes to show you, you could have a really bad voice and still get recognized and land some recordings as well as some cash while being perceived as talented. Don’t expect this trend to end. *Writing songs in different languages*  When writing songs, always keep in mind that this can be done in different languages. Whether  you are bi-lingual or not, it really does not   matter. You can always write the complete song out and then hire a music company to translate the finished song for you if needed. That way the finished and translated work will be all ready for copyright, demos, etc.  *Situations where ideas for songs may occur*  Ideas for writing songs can include being at fairs and carnivals.                                                    carnivals_zpsc1a2e978You may be on a certain ride and an idea for a certain song may present itself – even though there is usually already music playing. Another nice spot to be in where an idea for a song may come to you is when you are making love. 32109496 If there is a song idea and it is genuine, the song idea will plant  itself into your mind and you can work it from there. You need an attention grabber. Your song needs to grab the attention of the listener asap, like within the first 5-10 seconds from the beginning. If this does not happen, the listener usually moves on by other means (bathroom break, change the song, ignore the song, etc.) This is just like selling a product because it really IS selling a product. You may not get another chance so make sure your first impression really blows the roof off.  2011-05-03_13-39-52_929 Also keep in mind if you write certain types of songs such as R&B, these songs may later end up being mixed. Just to think that your song or songs could end up being mixed. Often 2 songs or more are mixed together. The end result is a mixed product that be very popular and catch the listeners ear making them move and dance, etc.  768598527 This technique is more or less hands on and the user learns by doing just that. So your finished product(s) may have that attention afforded as well. You may even want to try writing the music first, then adding the lyrics later. Or, you may just want to leave your tune as an instrumental. When writing your lyrics, you want to make sure that the lyrics don’t crowd into the music. They have to fit the music very well, just like a glove. This will be a different scene, should you  write in different languages because usually the lyrics, syllables, etc. will be different. Me myself, I prefer writing songs that do not change the key or time signatures. Some songs not only change time signatures, they also change key signatures as well. Nonetheless, stick with what you are comfortable with. And of course, when you have written that one great song-a very great method to record yourself a demo  is to invest in or borrow a LOOP MACHINE. I’ve mentioned loop machines previously.  This will enable and allow you to create multiple beats, voice parts, etc. and will surely pay for itself in the long run. Some songwriters write songs that have parts that are hummed, spoken whistled, etc. This action also has had some musical success in the past and will continue. Remember to never crowd the title of your song into your song. A well written song can become a musical masterpiece that will last into eternity. 


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