943537_745628392178566_5506939011058793821_nRob Mark Miranda is a professional songwriter with over 40 years of experience. Rob is also a member of B.M.I. (Broadcast Music Incorporated) a performing rights organization in the music industry. Rob was born in Rockland county, N.Y. and was raised in Bedstye Brooklyn, N.Y. Rob became interested in writing songs at the age of 12 and decided to really pursue it at the young age of 15. Rob has several songs published and recorded on Independent record labels. A few  songs include “Good Vibes” a country & western song that achieved some airplay over in Poland, “One of the chosen few” a country Gospel song published by Jacklyn music and recorded by Don Hendrix,  “The country’s in my soul” a country and western song published by Jerjoy music and recorded by Jerry Hanlon, as well as several others. These songs are listed on songspace.com. Rob has written over a hundred songs and writes both words and music.Rob is mostly self taught in the music field.Rob has his GED and a certificate of electronics from BOCES as well.


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